Nick, Germany. Purchased AT 400 mobile phone booster

"Great solution. I use Vodafone plan but coverage was not very good. Now the problem has gone. Thank you!"

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Marta, Austria. Purchased AT 400 mobile phone booster

"The device worth the money I spent for it. It improved the signal to stable 4-5 bars."

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Fran, Belgium. Purchased Mobile GSM amplifier AT-400

"Proximus is not the best mobile carrier in the world but I wanted to continue using it even after moving to my new house. Low signal was the main problem but thanks to AT-400 mobile phone booster the reception is perfect. nice Job, guys!"

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Mobile GSM amplifier AT-400

Technical characteristics:

Indoor coverage: 80m2

Up-link frequency: 890-915MHz

Down-link frequency: 935-960MHz

Up-link Gain: 30 dB

Down-link Gain: 40 dB

Power supply: DC 9V (AC 220V power adapter supplied)

Working Temperature:-25 to+55 C0

Humidity: 5-95%

Size(mm): 122x84x33

Weight: 2 kg


AT 400 mobile phone booster,
inside antenna,
outside antenna +9m cable,
power supply,

Rating: (2 reviews)

Price: €120


AT 400 mobile GSM amplifier is a special device manufactured to increase gsm signal coverage in small buildings like an office, a garage or a flat. Perfectly works to improve the coverage of O2, Vodafon (UK) and other carriers using 900 MHz frequency . It is invented for modern people who don’t like to put up with inconveniences and want to change their lives for better. These people always search for the best solution of any problem. And here they will find it. This wonderful device has the power which is enough to improve the gsm signal in small areas, while covering up to 80 m2.  So this type of mobile GSM amplifier will be suitable for overwhelming majority of small houses.

Amazingly easy to install and use AT 400 phone booster will solve all your problems with weak signal and will increase gsm signal coverage in your house, office or garage. The order comes complete with everything necessary for a full phone booster system enabling you to use your cell phone wherever you are. You will be able to install it yourself so it will save your time and money. It is a wonderful small phone booster with big opportunities designed to make your life easier. One more thing that needed to be said is that we provide original accessories for all our mobile phone booster. For any other information about AT 400 mobile GSM amplifier please contact our Support team. We will answer you in a timely manner.

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