Amplifier AT-600 C

Technical characteristics:

Indoor coverage: 300 m2 m2

Up-link frequency: 824-849 MHz

Down-link frequency: 869-894 MHz

Up-link Gain: 50 dB

Down-link Gain: 60 dB

Power supply: DC 10V (AC 220V/110V power adapter supplied)

Working Temperature:-25 to +55 C

Humidity: 5-95%

Size(mm): 248x146x35

Weight: 4.5kg


1. AT 600C CDMA signal amplifier,
2. inside antenna + 5m cable
3. outside antenna + 10m cable,
4. power supply,
5. manual

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Price: €225


Anyone AT 600 C signal repeater is manufactured specially to increase the signal coverage within middle-sized areas like house, large office, store, parking area etc. So if you want to have a perfect gsm signal and the area you want cover is up to 300 m2 than this cell phone signal amplifier is the best purchase for you.

Anyone AT 600 C signal repeater works at 800/850 MHz. So if your mobile operator uses a different frequency please examine the appropriate section of the site for another mobile signal extender.

AT 600C mobile booster is very effective equipment that can offset the covering shortage of the base station of the mobile network, expand the cover range of the base station and fill the signal zone to ensure the convenient communication. So this cell phone signal amplifier will make your life more comfortable.

This mobile signal extender is certified with three certifications RoHS, UL and CE. This means that our device will make no harm to your health, it is safe for children and contains no dangerous metals. Anyone AT 600 C signal repeater is very easy to install and use. And of course it requires no extra attention during the exploitation.

For additional information about  Anyone AT 600 C signal repeater consult our support team.