Gsm repeater AT-600

Technical characteristics:

Indoor coverage: 300 m2 m2

Up-link frequency: 890-915MHz

Down-link frequency: 935-960MHz

Up-link Gain: 50 dB

Down-link Gain: 60 dB

Power supply: DC 10V / 30mW (AC 220V/110V power adapter supplied)

Working Temperature:-25 to+55 C

Humidity: 5-95%

Size(mm): 248x146x35

Weight: 4.5 kg


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Price: €199


AT600 gsm repeater for home is invented to improve signal coverage in a room area of up to 300 m2. Actually you must order this mobile signal booster if there is a necessity to solve the problems with the week mobile signal in a middle-sized house, parking area, large office, store, etc. We need to say a couple of words about the frequency AT600 gsm repeater work at. As you know the most common one for European countries is 900 mhz and this is exactly the frequency AT600 gsm repeater need. This fact makes our signal booster even more attractive.
This mobile signal booster is working on a very simple principle that could be understood by a child. It just creates a copy of the base station’s signal and transmits it to your house or office or store. As a result you are able to improve signal coverage and receive the high quality communication wherever you are. You don’t need to have special knowledge while using AT600 mobile signal booster for home because it is very simple to install and doesn’t need any special attention through exploitation. It also doesn’t require additional wires so you can use your mobile phone and don’t think about annoying accessories.
If you need any other information related to AT600 mobile signal booster contact our Support team. Do not be shy because we work to make your life more comfortable.