Cell phone amplifier AT-608

Technical characteristics:

Indoor coverage: 600 m2 m2

Up-link frequency: 890-915MHz

Down-link frequency: 935-960MHz

Up-link Gain: 60 dB

Down-link Gain: 70 dB

Power supply: DC 9V / 200mW (AC 220V/110Vpower adapter supplied)

Working Temperature:-25 to +55 C

Humidity: 5-95%

Size(mm): 204x204x48

Weight: 6.5 kg


1. AT 608 wireless amplifier,
2. inside antenna + 5m cable
3. outside antenna + 10m cable,
4. power supply,
5. manual

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Price: €239


AT608 сell phone amplifier is the one of our cell phone extenders invented especially for middle sized areas. Its maximum coverage is 600 m2 which is not little. For example its power is overwhelming to solve the problem with the weak gsm signal in a middle house or store or even in a large office. Today your mood can depend on many details and the quality of communication is not the last one. With the help of our AT608 gsm signal booster you are able to make the life more comfortable.

As we have already said this сell phone amplifier covers up to 600 m2 but this is not the best thing. AT608 is a wireless сell phone amplifier which means that in the process of using it you will have no problems with different additional wires. It’s frequency range is 900 MHz, it is suitable for most European countries because this frequency is the most popular in Europe. AT608 сell phone amplifier is easy to use but all the same we recommend you to read the instruction before the installation. The only one special requirement is you should prove that it is at least middle range signal outside the area you plan to cover with the help of the gsm signal booster.
We need to pay your attention to one more wonderful feature of the AT608 gsm signal booster: it works at full duplex which means that the gsm signal booster not only receives the signal from the base station and then sends to mobile phone after extender but also receives the signal from mobile phone and then diverts to the base station after сell phone amplifier.

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