For 900 MHz

Are you familiar with the problem of constantly dropped and missed calls? Feel afraid of missing business opportunities or important family calls? It’s time to put an end to the problem and start enjoying stable and comfortable cell phone connection.
GSM mobile signal booster from AnyTone is specific equipment that receives low signal from the mobile base station, improves it and distributes the enhanced signal to all mobile devices within the coverage. 
A mobile phone signal booster is made in several versions that differ by coverage area, working frequency and application.

Mobile GSM amplifier AT-400

AT 400 phone booster is a special device manufactured to increase gsm signal coverage in small buildings like an office, a garage or a flat.

Price: €120

Old Price: € 139

Mobile cell phone repeater AT-400 turbo

Anytone AT 400 Turbo is a new version of our popular mobile booster AT 400. AT 400 Turbo mobile cell phone repeater has higher gain than the previous model and of course its coverage is wider and reaches maximum 120 m2.

Price: €140

Old Price: € 169

Gsm signal repeater AT-408 for car

New innovative AT 408 mobile cell phone amplifier for car is manufactured especially for vehicle use. It is full-duplex designed gsm signal repeater with high isolation between uplink and downlink which is suitable for most European mobile providers.

Price: €125

Old Price: € 139

GSM booster AT-500

The AT500 GSM booster is manufactured especially for middle-sized areas and its power is overwhelming to cover up to 150m2. The most common one for European countries.

Price: €179

Old Price: € 199

Gsm repeater AT-600

AT600 Mobile signal booster for home is invented to improve signal coverage in a room area of up to 300 m2 in a middle-sized house, parking area, large office, store, etc.

Price: €199

Old Price: € 229

Cell phone amplifier AT-608

AT608 сell phone amplifier is the one for middle sized areas. Its maximum coverage is 600 m2. Frequency range is 900MHz.

Price: €239

Old Price: € 269

Gsm signal amplifier AT-700

AT700 mobile signal booster is used for big buildings, offices, stores. AT700 has enough power to cover up to 800 m2.

Price: €269

Old Price: € 299

Mobile GSM repeater AT-800

AT800 gsm amplifier for cell phone is made for large areas such as big buildings, parking lots, tunnels etc. This mobile GSM repeater is the most powerful model all 900 Mhz repeaters. Its maximum coverage is 1200 m2.

Price: €369

Old Price: € 399