For 3G

AT-4800 3g booster For Car

AT4800 3G amplifier for car works at 2100 mhz frequency. The only thing you should have is a cigar lighter because you turn on the 3G signal booster using it.

Price: €225

Old Price: € 249

AT-4000 3g amplifier

AT4000 3G signal amplifier is a special device which can improve the weak Internet signal. AT4000 3G signal amplifier is designed especially for small areas up to 100 m2. So it will be ideal for a small house or office, garage or shop.

Price: €215

Old Price: € 239

AT-6100 mobile 3g amplifier

AT6100 umts signal repeater has enough power to cover up to 250 m2. It means that you can place it in any middle-size are like an office, a big garage and so on. AT6100 3G amplifier supports high up-link and down-link frequency about 2100 MHz.

Price: €399

Old Price: € 445

AT-6200 3g amplifier

AT6200 will amplify internet signal and at the same time provide you with mobile Internet access, video calls, mobile television and wide-area wireless voice telephone. It amplifies the signal within 500 m2.

Price: €430

Old Price: € 469