Marvin, France. Purchased AT-408 C mobile cell phone amplifier

"Good solution (cell phone booster) and good service! It is maybe the first time I enjoy high signal during the whole trip home!"

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Kellen Halrik, Germany. Purchased AnyTone AT600 mobile cell phone booster

"I've ordered your cell phone booster and have now been using it for three weeks. It seems to work good providing four bars signal. But some times during a call I realize the other person has not heard me if I speak at the same time as them. I not sure if it's because of booster or for any other reason. Anyway I get the improved mobile signal as expected."

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Andy, Poland. Purchased signal repeater AT-408 for car

"I'm so surprised. While driving I was losing a signal almost every 10 minutes. This was very inconvenient. But now with my car cell phone booster I can talk during the whole trip. The product works exactly as it is described in the manual."

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Mobile cell phone booster for car and lorry drivers

Supporting mobile calls in a moving car is a headache for all mobile operators. The car is changing its location from one base station to another. It moves up- and downhill. It may cross fields or forests. And in every situation the driver expects to have his or her mobile phone available and steadily working.

One more negative factor that leads to missed or dropped calls is a metal body of a car. The mobile signal weakens coming through it.

To prevent those inconveniences we suggest to examine the following variants of mobile cell phone boosters

Gsm signal repeater AT-408 for car

New innovative AT 408 mobile cell phone amplifier for car is manufactured especially for vehicle use. It is full-duplex designed gsm signal repeater with high isolation between uplink and downlink which is suitable for most European mobile providers.

Price: €125

Old Price: € 139

Amplifier AT-408 C

AT 408 C cell phone booster is the special signal amplifier for vehicle use. This amplifier adopts advanced filtrating technology, full-duplex design with high isolation between uplink and downlink.

Price: €125

Old Price: € 139

AT-4800 3g booster For Car

AT4800 3G amplifier for car works at 2100 mhz frequency. The only thing you should have is a cigar lighter because you turn on the 3G signal booster using it.

Price: €225

Old Price: € 249

Every mobile cell phone booster is specially developed to be used in autos. It becomes more and more popular among professional freighters and lorry drivers, so as among so-called amateur drivers. Using the latest filtration technologies they create steady mobile signal inside the car and you never drop the important call. The automate electronic switches of the device adjust the signal right to the level necessary at current situation whether they should amplify the signal or not.

Every mobile cell phone booster was tested to work properly with every European mobile operator and all existing cell phone models. 3G amplifier for car provides good signal for every 3G device including iPad and Samsung Galaxy (all versions).

If you are ready to order, please check our list of cell booster. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.