How it works

The main principle of mobile phone booster is convenience for the user. You have to install the device and to forget about the problems with cell phone signal. No need for special adjustments. It's just working. The device takes the signal of remote base station and creates its copy that is transmettied to the phone or the computer of the user. Mobile booster can get the signal from the station that is located up to 35 km (21,7 miles) from the device.

An ordinary mobile signal booster consists of:

    1 - Outdoor antenna (including 10 meters standart cable)
    2 - Indoor omni antenna
    3 - 5 meters standart cable
    4 - Power supply (DC 10v)
    5 - User's manual
    6 - Mobile signal booster


Examine the following drawing to find out how the signal comes to your phone without interruptions.   
The outside antenna gets the signal from the base station of a mobile operator and transfers it to the mobile booster through the coaxial connection cable.
The booster increases the signal accepted.
The increased signal is sent through the coaxial connection cable to the indoor omni antenna.
The indoor antenna transfers the amplified signal to the mobile phone antenna and to the user.

The repeater uses the full duplex technology. It transmits the mobile signal both sides to the phone and from it to the mobile base station. And both of the signal are amplified by the device that is really convenient for the final user.

The device doesn't require special technical skills to be installed and operated. Please refer to the manual in order to install it properly and safely.

The installed cell phone amplifier lets you hold your conversations even in the areas that were considered unreachable for a signal before. More than that, as the cell phone gets a stronger signal, the level of its radiation gets lower, while the battery life gets longer.

The difference between amplifiers is in its coverage and capacity.

Please, note that the coverage may differ depending on the building. The coverage can be expanded by installing a few amplifiers in different place of a building. Capacity influences the number of cell phones can be used simultaneously. The number varies from 5 to more than 100.