GSM booster AT-6200 D

Technical characteristics:

Indoor coverage: 500 m2 m2

Up-link frequency: 1710-1785 MHz

Down-link frequency: 1805-1880 MHz

Up-link Gain: 50 dB

Down-link Gain: 60 dB

Power supply: AC 220V/110V/500mW

Working Temperature:-25 to +55 C

Humidity: 5-95%

Size(mm): 278x204x48

Weight: 6.5 kg


1. AT-6200 D mobile phone amplifier,
2. inside antenna + 5m cable
3. outside antenna + 10m cable,
4. power supply,
5. manual (read)

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Price: €440


AT6200 D cell phone repeater is designed to boost signal coverage in middle-sized areas. You can use this gsm booster for example to increase weak gsm signal in an office of middle area or in a house up to 500 m2. As you understand this is the maximum coverage of AT6200 D cell phone repeater. From our experience it is not little.

We need to add that  AT6200 D cell phone repeater is certified with RoHS which means that it is free of  harmful elements. It is very important because this device does its work wonderful and doesn’t have a negative impact to your health. It is also reliable within the climate zones with high temperature as well as with low one and the degree of  humidity doesn’t matter. AT6200 cell phone repeater supports high up-link (1710-1785 MHz) and down-link frequency (1805-1880).

GSM booster AT6200 D will boost signal perfectly! It is small, quite beautiful and, which is very important, easy for installation. You can even install it yourself. This gsm booster frequency range is 1800 mhz so it will work in most countries in Europe.
And o course we should say that the price on AT6200 D gsm booster is more that democratic. You will find no analogues to it. This cell phone repeater is a wonderful cocktail of quality and price.

For any other additional information which is important for you please write to the support.